IRL FAIL: Music Theory

Nicole: "So, why can't you keep up a conversation with me?"

Well, I'm concentrating on doing the dishes while you walk around the house cleaning randomly. At the same time, we have noise from the other apartments and your music playing, adding to my concentration difficulties of talking to you.

"Can't you just tune out to the music, like me?"

Well, no, not really. I really don't like this type of music. I usually like rock.

"How could you tune out with your music? I really don't like your nerdy music at all. Even the rock music gives me a headache."

Think of it this way. You like your music because you're familiar with it. Such as this current song; I don't know who sings it, but I can tell that it sounds like a random 'I love my man' song by a random teen to twenty-something female singer. That kind of song is one you are comfortable with, so you can just tune out with it and work to the beat. I, however, am not accustomed to it, so I cannot tune it out. I listen to the song because it stands out to me.


Try it this way. Let's say you listen to Victorian music and I listen to Tribal music. You could not stand my music because it's so different. I could not stand your music as well, yet we each love our own music because we are used to it. Tracking?

"I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. :)"



Dear Game Freak:

I have an idea to end all ideas. This one will blow your mind. Take your next Pokémon game for the new WiiU and make it like my idea. In return, I want a copy and 0.05% of all the profits associated with the game.

For your next game, make it an actual training simulation of Pokémon. Like a virtual pet, but Pokémon, and better. Repeat an attack on this dummy to improve accuracy and speed. Run through simulations with other Pokémon. Have this Pokémon learn, actually learn how to fight. Then engage in online battles in a 3D environment with other people's Pokémon. It would be like the anime, but more engaging. "Fury Swipes has bad accuracy, so I trained my Pokémon to zig-zag to take advantage of it!" "RHYPERIOR, SANDSTORM AND DIG!" And all this would happen in real-time, combining your command speed with that of your Pokémon's speed. Instant reaction from a Whisicott and a two-second drag for the same move done by a Ferrothorn.

Limited trainer customization. What you have done so far is great. Stay with that. I don't wish to see rude and disturbing trainer's cards depicting phallic symbols.

Structured tournaments online using Smogon rules. I won't come back to a Hoenh region match if all I see are the Regi team rocking unsuspecting players.

Write a story using all the regions. Restart and use the region's Pokémon in all official battles, such as gym battles, the Elite Four, and any Pokémon-theme side game of the region. Sure, Team Plasma just got rocked by your Level 100 Charizard, but your Infurnape now has no EVs and is easy pickings for the Fighting gym. Trainers won't pay out unless it's a region-based Pokémon. You can think of something, I don't need to do all the work for you.

So again, I hope that you will take what I have typed into consider- OMG GEN SIX IS OUT MUST HAVE 3DS


IRL EXP: Challenge Declined

Hmmm. I really want to explore something serious, but now I feel like I should insert funny meme-like sayings. (Not sure if I should be serious, or be funny.) Oops, too late!

The other night, I was playing Borderlands 1. Internet was just put onto the PS3, but security is so tight that the PSN store freezes. No biggie, let's see if online play works. Huh, no online games, but I can start one. (Forever Alone) Let's be a Berserker! Level 1, out the door and... Hey! Someone wants to play! It's a level 69 Siren... (Bad Luck Brian) Well, sweet, but now all the monsters are insanely difficult. Wait! A level 1 Soldier joined! (Success Kid) And another 69 hunter. Eh. I'll take what I can get.

Alright, so let's start... Um, no, I don't want to duel. You're ridiculously overpowered. Let's shoot those bad guys over... Oh, they're dead already. Well, how about... Nope, they're dead now. Well, the level 1 guy is with me, at least! And off he goes, trolling into the sunset. But we need that car... Oh, hey guy! You dropped your level 69 extremely rare weapon! You dropped three of them, in fact. Didn't you want them? Oh, you want me to have them? But that would break the game for me... (Socially Awkward Penguin) Okay, I guess.

Well, it's been fun, watching all of you one-shot everything and watching that one guy do things totally not helpful in any way. But I'm going now, since this really isn't fun anymore. I have no proficiency in my weapons as a 12 Berserker, and I gained those levels in an hour. Most of that was travel. So later! Don't call us; We'll call you. (Abandon Thread)

Normally, I wouldn't object to power-leveling. But everything is still new to me, and I want to get a handle on how everything works. So lesson learned: I will have to stay offline if I want to learn a game. Unless it's designed for online, like LoL. I'm so bad at that game, it's funny. But another story for another time.


IRL EXP Nov '12

Yeah, it's December now. Get off my back. Like, ERMAGURD.

Where was I? Oh, so Black Friday, right? Imagine the scene; people huddled in the cold, forming a line of anger and frustration. Each one, sizing up the competition in the mad rush that will shortly begin. Suddenly, all eyes slowly turn to the front doors, where everyone cam see a nervous, frightened employee. Instantly, the crowd is quieted by a soft squeak of a pair of sliding doors opening at 5:00 A.M. For just one second, the employee is calm, thinking that the good people will behave in a reasonable manner, purchase their goods and leave as nicely as they entered.

A rush of mad grandmas and angry housewives dispel this daydream as fast as it appeared. The employee is crushed under the mass of greedy feet and grasping hands. Fights break out over mundane items not even on sale. Self defense weapons are used vigorously and violently, bringing a dark irony to their original intent. As a squad of law enforcement officers approach the mayhem in this building, a small sense of dread fills them. One of them may not make it out alive.

Imagine this scene for a moment. Feel the tension building from these events. You may think this is a silly story, but mark my words; somewhere in America, this really did happen.

Was I there? F--K NO, my happy a-- was in bed! So for today's EXP, here are these two lessons:

1. Learn from your own and other's mistakes. The last time I went Black Friday shopping with the masses, it sucked. So I chose my battles, and chose wisely. I did go shopping later that afternoon, and lo and behold, everything I wanted was there for me to buy. So HA.

2. Role playing for EXP works.

I Got 99 Pokémon, and Nuzlocke killed everyone

First off, I seriously need to get better about updating.

Secondly, no real complaining today. All's quiet on the western front, and all that jazz. The Mrs. is happy, my twin terrors are docile, and I'm gonna be a Dad of three soon. Why, you ask? Because I still have money that the other two haven't eaten yet. *Eye roll* Do I need a reason? Babies are awesome.

And now, main topic; The Nuzlocke challenge and the hardships that go with it.

I thought it would add a layer of depth to my gaming experience. I got that and then some. I am getting seriously emotional with every loss. I lost my starter, a Pignite, to Lenora, a Normal-type gym leader. With his death, things just started going downhill. Three dead in that battle. Lost my Woobat to a not very effective crit. My Palpitoad and Sandile died shortly after Burgh. Now I'm down to three Pokémon left.

The biggest plus to all of this is that it's helping me with my depression. Go figure, right? I know it's a game with self-imposed rules, I'm getting way too attached, and I can stop at any time. But by pushing through all of this digital heartbreak, I am slowly learning coping techniques and learning to let go. Life doesn't have a save point, and will allow me to reload at the slightest mistake. In fact, I could do everything perfect and still lose because of someone else. I think this game is forcing me to let go of the pain and push through with everything I've got. Learn my weaknesses and build my strength thought daily torment.

I still have a long way to go, and will hopefully not have to restart this adventure anytime soon. Just pray that my Audino, Romeo, doesn't bite it anytime soon. He's the only one holding my broken little boat afloat.


Still Not Dead

At this point in my life, one might ask me (in a joking manner) if I was a bit stressed out.

I would reply by taking my left hand, shoving it into your chest cavity, ripping out your heart, and then force-feeding it back to you (in a joking manner).

My wife is with child (YAY!) and she is definitely feeling the "joys" of being pregnant again. Because of this, she needs my help more than ever. (Yay.) She needs me to help her with the kids, the house, the cars, and help with her as baby Emerson is a bit more parasitic than my first two kids. (Yay?)

I just had to evict a man from my mother's house. She was renting it out to him and the guy didn't pay rent. Ever. Just kinda coasted past the security deposit even. She went to court and he got the boot today. I had to move his stuff out and was even nice enough to bring it to his next dwelling; all while maintaining a happy smile and not wanting to cut him then and there. While enduring him trying to find ways to sue us as we move his stuff out.  While listening to my mother worry about him returning to hurt my family.

I returned to work. I was hoping to hop in right where I left off, but everything feels different. I have new responsibilities, students that are leaving, Halloween to deal with, and a condescending feeling that I get everytime I approach my colleagues. It's like I don't belong anymore.

I am failing college. You'd think I'd be use to that by now, but I was seriously trying this time around. I had to attend a three-week military training session and they had no easy-to-access internet. Even if I did have internet, I'm not sure I could have gotten my work done, what with everything I was doing. To make matters worse, only one of my two classes know that I was even gone, so I might not be able to withdraw. OUTSTANDING.

Oh, yeah. I'm in the military. Not going to try to hide that. You could find out if you really wanted to. I'm a regular Citizen/Soldier. Should also mention that I have to put together a class as all this is going down and present it to my unit. Oh, just got an email from my superior saying that I failed my mission. Let's just add this to the reasons why I reenlisted.

I really didn't want my blog to become a b---h session, and that's kinda what's happening here. But frankly, I just need to let this out before I explode. I'm starting to get the impression that no one reads these, and I'm okay with that. Like I said, this blog was for me. I'm just hoping that now everything is said and done, I can slowly recover and get back on track. Right after I get chewed out by, like, everybody.



Yeah. That daily thing didn't work out quite the way I wanted it too. Just because I'm near a computer 24/7 doesn't mean I can get on the internet. On top of that, I'm going on a manditory vacation for my Uncle Sam. Nothing big, just a few weeks. Will still put a damper in my accounts. So let's try once to twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays, if possible.

Next up, I have two EXP situations today: One happened last night while I was driving home; the other happened this morning before class.

I'm driving home from work, hating every song on the radio so far. I see blinking lights near a weight station so I slow down. Police might have someone, you know? As cool as it would be to hit a runner, I don't want to hit an officer of the law.

It wasn't the police. Just some dude in his truck with his emergency lights going off. I worry a bit, since there SHOULD be a cop around to help him. If there isn't one around, who will help him? *fanfare* I SHALL HELP YOU, CITIZEN!

Turns out the guy pulled over because of HIS radio. (ACURSED CURCUITRY!) He had a fancy new radio installed recently, but the demo mode on it kept going off. When it did, it flashed green, red, yellow and blue lights. If it didn't give him epilepsy, it did ruin his night-time vision, making it hard to look for deer. (See the last IRL EXP for more deer.)

I helped fix it for him. The radio told us to hold the DISP button to exit demo mode. (AN OBVIOUS WEAK SPOT!)He couldn't find it before, since the lights messed with his vision. After that, we went our seperate ways. (ALL IN A DAY'S WORK.)

Also, I just became a celebrity. There was a conference going on with some out-of-town high schoolers at my college. Being curious, I went to ask a group of girls what was going on. I was asked in return if I could have my picture taken with them. Turns out they were part of a hospital occupation conference. Definitely explains the scrubs that half the students were wearing. But since they took a picture of me, I wonder if they just wanted my soul or if I played too much Fatal Frame.


Casual Gamer or Hardcore Gamer?

   I guess now is the time where I should start fleshing out my creditably as a gamer. But what constitutes as a gamer these days? There's the gamer who spends all free time on MMOs, grinding away until the dreaded level cap and such. I could be the FPS gamer, who throws bullets in weird and inventive ways to prove that I am 1337 and everyone else are n00bs. I could be the fighter gamer, who levels opponents with quick thinking and memorized movesets. Maybe the casual gamer is my speed, where I can quickly play a game when I have a free ten minutes and get criticized that I'm not a true gamer.

   Whatever. I play video games. Sometimes to the point where it's unhealthy. (I'm getting better.) I may not have street cred, but I have the general idea about what video games are and what they do for me. Frankly, that should be all that matters.

   BUT, for the sake of argument, let's say it didn't. Well, Some of my favorite video games run from Pokemon (all of the main GB ones. With the Catching and the Rivals and the Team B.B.E.G. and the Jello-pops), Final Fantasy (I stopped playing after 7. Not because I don't like the rest, but because I haven't beaten 7 yet. DON'T JUDGE ME), Legend of Mana (I like the Mana series ever since their GB roots. This game just rocks my socks. So many weapons and the story... Squee!), Kirby (Do I need a reason?), Mario and Sonic (OGs for LIFE!), Megaman (Nope, I'm gonna hold back on this one. I could make a whole post about the Blue Bomber. Next.) and Crash Bandicoot. (DON'T JUDGE ME)

   So yeah, not a lot of new generation games. But frankly, I've done Halo and Assassin's Creed and such. They're the games I enjoy now, not what I grew up with. Currently, I'm playing League of Legends.
Hey,  I know how to insert pictures now! Yay!

My Summoner name is Agars. (Fair Warning: I suck.) I like the half-hour to an hour gameplay, as it limits me from spending an entire afternoon by adding breaks here and there, like when I lose or barely win or lose REALLY badly. (Really badly? I don't know. Roll with it.) Not to mention that I have a few friends that play so I can stay in touch with them through the game. (SHOUT OUT TO MY PEEPS IN TINDER! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! KEEP IT REAL!) So yeah.

   In addition, I like to play board games and D&D. Apples to Apples, Munchkin, Magic: The Gathering (Fair Warning: Still suck) and I am always willing to try out new games to see what I enjoy. It's kinda fun. Well, yeah, I know games are suppose to be fun, but I mean that just the experience of learning a new game is fun. And I need to stop here. Until next time!


IRL Fail

I'm thinking the IRL's might be a thing for me in the future. I think they are hilarious, so I might keep doing them. In the meantime, here's a story from earlier.

Nicole (my wife, if I forgot to introduce her) and I are cleaning the house and rocking out to some music. The song currently playing is "5150", a country song by Dierks Bentley.  During the song, Nicole gets a call and lets it go to voicemail, despite my attempt to answer it. She has no idea who it is, since it's a 863 number. I tell her to check the voicemail, as it's a Menominee number.

She picks it up and checks the message; Turns out it is from Menominee. It's from Menominee County Police Department, to be exact. Turns out she had butt-dialed (Ha Ha, Butt.) 911 while we were cleaning up. The call was hung up immediately afterwards, and by policy, they must call back to make sure the person calling is okay. Since no one answered, they were going to send a car out here to double-check if everything was fine.

Insert Awkward Silence Here. Let it sit for a bit- let it Mature, if you will. Okay.

She calls back to explain what happened. I start chuckling to myself while I listen to this police drama unfold. (Is that the proper tense? Unfold... Unfolding... Whatever.) The operator is relieved to hear that all is well. Even the officers sent to help us are happy, as they were going to somewhere down in the boonies. Since Nicole made the call from a cell phone, the attempt to trace the call ended at the local cell tower for the next 50 or so miles. Had she not called back, the officers would never have known who made the call and would be stuck wondering what had happened while standing next to a giant metal structure.

Yeah, I kinda broke out laughing at this point. Between the song and the tower, I couldn't hold it. This story does not mean I am infallible, by far. I just don't remember... OH YES I DO. Oh, this one time, involving a cherry-flavored energy drink.... NAH. Another time. I'm sleepy. (Cliffhanger!)

I'm Not Dead

Yeah.Work. College. Children. The addition of a future child. Games. Ponies. I could give you a slew of reasons why I haven't updated, but they all sound like excuses when I type it out. And as others have told me, an excuse is effective at 0 meters. I might have messed that saying up, but ignore it for now; I'm on a roll.

I should come up with a schedule. A weekly or daily thing. Maybe bi-weekly or tri-monthly. No, that last one makes no sense. And really, this isn't just for you to read. I've been so caught up with doing things that I forgot to sit down and think about what I've done. So I will try for a daily schedule for now. See where that gets me. I will likely suffer a mental breakdown trying to think of nonsense to share with the world and my future self. But if LuLz are involved, then I say, "Onward!"



  So, I had a nice philosophical post on my gamer credibility, but the damn thing is taking too long. This little item that happened the other day was so humorous (to me, at least) that I can't let it go. So, before I forget, I shall tell you of an exploit that made me feel like I was in a video game in real life.

  I was driving back to my little forested home from work. My rust bucket of a car (seriously) was the last in a convoy of vehicles coming off of a passing lane. The road narrowed down and in front of me was a couple on a motorcycle and an SUV. Not very interesting, right?

  Out of the nearby trees, a deer jumped onto the road! (A WILD DEERLING APPEARED) For some odd reason, it decided to pick a fight with the SUV. (DRIVER CAN'T ESCAPE! DEERLING USED HEADBUTT!) The vehicle swerved over the yellow line after the deer hit it, and the deer bounced off the asphalt into the grass. (IT WASN'T VERY EFFECTIVE... DRIVER GOT AWAY SAFELY!) This near-crash spooked the bikers ahead of me and myself. As I passed the deer, I could see that it would live, but would have a massive headache. (DEERLING IS CONFUSED!) Having been on the receiving end, I would have gladly tea-bagged this majestic animal. But now was not the time; I wanted to make sure the driver of the SUV was okay. I followed the vehicle as it pulled over at a restaurant.

  The driver was looking over his ride as I stepped out of mine. I asked him if he was alright, and he seemed fine. (Diplomacy check: Success) His only concern was if the huge dent in his passenger side door would pop out easy. I had told him to call the police, so they could do a report on his wildlife drive-by. Having a report would allow him to have his insurance take care of his repairs. (Knowledge[Previous Experience] check: Success) Looking them over with him, they did appear minor; passenger side door dented in around the door handle, poop stain on rear left passenger door, and rear bumper slightly ajar. (Appraisal check: Success) He was very glad to have someone help him and I wished him a good day as I continued my drive home. (Quest Complete! Morally Ambiguous Points Earned!)

  And there you go. Most of my parenthesis are word-for-word what I thought while everything happened. Funny how most of what I experience in video games can be easily used in real life. I still need to figure out how to put pictures in here. Until next time!


College And Homework

   Short post today. College has taken hold of my free time and is ransoming it for forum questions and answers to cryptic math questions. So that's it for today. Just wanted to say Hello, because I have a bad habit of forgetting. Now, where are my keys?


Must Not Forget

   Sinuses are revolting against my body. Cannot Brain properly. Must remember the following.

1. Repair old DS, or buy new XL 3DS that will be obsolete by time of purchase.
2. Look into trip to Mackinaw Island. Nicole wants to go there.
3. CORY needs allergy medicine BADLY.
4. Oppan Gungnam Style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0&feature=g-music

   With luck, I shall recover and continue my mental wanderings into Wonderland. Or is it Neverland? Whatever, as long as I end up in DEMACIA! I need sleep.


Jobs and Careers

   I have an awesome job. Not a lot wrong with it at all. I watch over children to make sure they have a decent environment to learn and play. It may get boring every now and then when no children show up, but you do what you can. It may get upsetting when the children don't feel like learning, or don't wish to play fair. Kids will be kids, insert witty proverb here. The biggest problem with my job? I might not have one soon.

   I live off of a grant, set in a four year cycle. After time is up, someone needs to reapply for the same grant, a different grant or get a new job. I have been informed that my superiors have already done option 1 and 2 already. There is, figuratively, only fumes left in our piggy bank/gas tank and then we are on our own, literally. I should have an income until October, if math was done properly.

   This little... Well, I really can't say little. I mean, this is huge. I provide for my family. I may not make a bunch of cash, but we live off of that cash. And while I like my job, it hasn't helped me grow at all. I can't go off and go pro, start my own business and such. I will have to take what little experience I have to acquire another job in the rat race of life. I've done the horrible jobs before, and landed myself with a pretty spanking good job. Problem was, I didn't really take advantage of it. Now that it's looking to be too late, I have to go and get a real job. One where my coworkers will be nice to me when I'm around, if I'm lucky. A job where I get promised overtime and have it swiftly taken because they are tightwads. A job where I could almost enjoy what I do until I have to deal with the customers or my upper management.

   Even worse, both the customers AND upper management at the same time. Brrr.

   Okay, my drama bag is running low, so I need to finish up here. Point is, I'm scared to start jumping from job to job again. That was hard enough by myself. Now, I have a family to take care of now. Things get done around here because of me. As if I didn't have enough pressure already. So I've decided that I want to stop having a job and finally have a career. Something where I can excel at, where my name would be synonymous with my position. As I make my venture back into the job market, I will keep my goal in mind. I will return to Academia and get a degree. One day, I will have my dream job.

   My dream job is where I make video games. It was, at one point, to be the President of the United States. Alas, another topic for another time. Anyway, I want to make video games; eventually making my own video game is a goal in life I want to accomplish. I've been dreaming of a game design for years that I was hoping someone would just eventually make for me instead. So, from today on, I want to make that dream come true. I will take horrible and time-consuming jobs so my family can survive. Whatever spare time I have will be divided between my family, and my future career.

And my bag is empty. Story time is over, people. Nothing to see here. Hmm. I wonder how one puts pictures into a blog. OOOOoooo, maybe that will be our next topic. Until then, grab your favorite drink and toast the night away. Cheers.


Game Start!

   For my first blog entry, I really should explain what I want this blog to be, why I made it and such. I wish it was for the enlightenment of all humankind, or to have you laugh and enjoy yourselves. Hell, if it makes me money in the end, it's still just an added bonus. No, those are not the reasons for why I am making this blog.

   I am making this blog to vent about the world. Not about my problems with friends or family, though I guess I will forget that and post at least one event of such. I will stick to topics of everyday life, or items that I see fit to post on; random thoughts, as my page header states. I may not be appropraite all the time, but it will be my honest thought process.

   I don't wish to just vent to the world and make money off of this in the future. This is something I can look back on and see where I have been: What I thought, what I did, and what was going on around me because of it. For instance: I just realized that this program is in overwrite mode, which will overwrite anything I type if I do not push the Insert button. Hmm. See, that's what I want this to be about. I have learned something, and perhaps you have too. We shared this together, just now.

   To close, I wish any and all who read this a merry journey into my inner thoughts. It's not something I'm really confortable doing, but I feel that it is necessary for me to grow. Feel free to comment or complain, as conversation of opposing views often bring about new ideas.

   P.S. New discovery! This program also does not automaticly indent paragraphs. Nor does the tab button function properly, forcing me to use my ancient lessons in HTML. Yay, knowledge!