Still Not Dead

At this point in my life, one might ask me (in a joking manner) if I was a bit stressed out.

I would reply by taking my left hand, shoving it into your chest cavity, ripping out your heart, and then force-feeding it back to you (in a joking manner).

My wife is with child (YAY!) and she is definitely feeling the "joys" of being pregnant again. Because of this, she needs my help more than ever. (Yay.) She needs me to help her with the kids, the house, the cars, and help with her as baby Emerson is a bit more parasitic than my first two kids. (Yay?)

I just had to evict a man from my mother's house. She was renting it out to him and the guy didn't pay rent. Ever. Just kinda coasted past the security deposit even. She went to court and he got the boot today. I had to move his stuff out and was even nice enough to bring it to his next dwelling; all while maintaining a happy smile and not wanting to cut him then and there. While enduring him trying to find ways to sue us as we move his stuff out.  While listening to my mother worry about him returning to hurt my family.

I returned to work. I was hoping to hop in right where I left off, but everything feels different. I have new responsibilities, students that are leaving, Halloween to deal with, and a condescending feeling that I get everytime I approach my colleagues. It's like I don't belong anymore.

I am failing college. You'd think I'd be use to that by now, but I was seriously trying this time around. I had to attend a three-week military training session and they had no easy-to-access internet. Even if I did have internet, I'm not sure I could have gotten my work done, what with everything I was doing. To make matters worse, only one of my two classes know that I was even gone, so I might not be able to withdraw. OUTSTANDING.

Oh, yeah. I'm in the military. Not going to try to hide that. You could find out if you really wanted to. I'm a regular Citizen/Soldier. Should also mention that I have to put together a class as all this is going down and present it to my unit. Oh, just got an email from my superior saying that I failed my mission. Let's just add this to the reasons why I reenlisted.

I really didn't want my blog to become a b---h session, and that's kinda what's happening here. But frankly, I just need to let this out before I explode. I'm starting to get the impression that no one reads these, and I'm okay with that. Like I said, this blog was for me. I'm just hoping that now everything is said and done, I can slowly recover and get back on track. Right after I get chewed out by, like, everybody.

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