IRL EXP Nov '12

Yeah, it's December now. Get off my back. Like, ERMAGURD.

Where was I? Oh, so Black Friday, right? Imagine the scene; people huddled in the cold, forming a line of anger and frustration. Each one, sizing up the competition in the mad rush that will shortly begin. Suddenly, all eyes slowly turn to the front doors, where everyone cam see a nervous, frightened employee. Instantly, the crowd is quieted by a soft squeak of a pair of sliding doors opening at 5:00 A.M. For just one second, the employee is calm, thinking that the good people will behave in a reasonable manner, purchase their goods and leave as nicely as they entered.

A rush of mad grandmas and angry housewives dispel this daydream as fast as it appeared. The employee is crushed under the mass of greedy feet and grasping hands. Fights break out over mundane items not even on sale. Self defense weapons are used vigorously and violently, bringing a dark irony to their original intent. As a squad of law enforcement officers approach the mayhem in this building, a small sense of dread fills them. One of them may not make it out alive.

Imagine this scene for a moment. Feel the tension building from these events. You may think this is a silly story, but mark my words; somewhere in America, this really did happen.

Was I there? F--K NO, my happy a-- was in bed! So for today's EXP, here are these two lessons:

1. Learn from your own and other's mistakes. The last time I went Black Friday shopping with the masses, it sucked. So I chose my battles, and chose wisely. I did go shopping later that afternoon, and lo and behold, everything I wanted was there for me to buy. So HA.

2. Role playing for EXP works.

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