I Got 99 Pokémon, and Nuzlocke killed everyone

First off, I seriously need to get better about updating.

Secondly, no real complaining today. All's quiet on the western front, and all that jazz. The Mrs. is happy, my twin terrors are docile, and I'm gonna be a Dad of three soon. Why, you ask? Because I still have money that the other two haven't eaten yet. *Eye roll* Do I need a reason? Babies are awesome.

And now, main topic; The Nuzlocke challenge and the hardships that go with it.

I thought it would add a layer of depth to my gaming experience. I got that and then some. I am getting seriously emotional with every loss. I lost my starter, a Pignite, to Lenora, a Normal-type gym leader. With his death, things just started going downhill. Three dead in that battle. Lost my Woobat to a not very effective crit. My Palpitoad and Sandile died shortly after Burgh. Now I'm down to three Pokémon left.

The biggest plus to all of this is that it's helping me with my depression. Go figure, right? I know it's a game with self-imposed rules, I'm getting way too attached, and I can stop at any time. But by pushing through all of this digital heartbreak, I am slowly learning coping techniques and learning to let go. Life doesn't have a save point, and will allow me to reload at the slightest mistake. In fact, I could do everything perfect and still lose because of someone else. I think this game is forcing me to let go of the pain and push through with everything I've got. Learn my weaknesses and build my strength thought daily torment.

I still have a long way to go, and will hopefully not have to restart this adventure anytime soon. Just pray that my Audino, Romeo, doesn't bite it anytime soon. He's the only one holding my broken little boat afloat.

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