IRL FAIL: Music Theory

Nicole: "So, why can't you keep up a conversation with me?"

Well, I'm concentrating on doing the dishes while you walk around the house cleaning randomly. At the same time, we have noise from the other apartments and your music playing, adding to my concentration difficulties of talking to you.

"Can't you just tune out to the music, like me?"

Well, no, not really. I really don't like this type of music. I usually like rock.

"How could you tune out with your music? I really don't like your nerdy music at all. Even the rock music gives me a headache."

Think of it this way. You like your music because you're familiar with it. Such as this current song; I don't know who sings it, but I can tell that it sounds like a random 'I love my man' song by a random teen to twenty-something female singer. That kind of song is one you are comfortable with, so you can just tune out with it and work to the beat. I, however, am not accustomed to it, so I cannot tune it out. I listen to the song because it stands out to me.


Try it this way. Let's say you listen to Victorian music and I listen to Tribal music. You could not stand my music because it's so different. I could not stand your music as well, yet we each love our own music because we are used to it. Tracking?

"I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. :)"



Dear Game Freak:

I have an idea to end all ideas. This one will blow your mind. Take your next Pokémon game for the new WiiU and make it like my idea. In return, I want a copy and 0.05% of all the profits associated with the game.

For your next game, make it an actual training simulation of Pokémon. Like a virtual pet, but Pokémon, and better. Repeat an attack on this dummy to improve accuracy and speed. Run through simulations with other Pokémon. Have this Pokémon learn, actually learn how to fight. Then engage in online battles in a 3D environment with other people's Pokémon. It would be like the anime, but more engaging. "Fury Swipes has bad accuracy, so I trained my Pokémon to zig-zag to take advantage of it!" "RHYPERIOR, SANDSTORM AND DIG!" And all this would happen in real-time, combining your command speed with that of your Pokémon's speed. Instant reaction from a Whisicott and a two-second drag for the same move done by a Ferrothorn.

Limited trainer customization. What you have done so far is great. Stay with that. I don't wish to see rude and disturbing trainer's cards depicting phallic symbols.

Structured tournaments online using Smogon rules. I won't come back to a Hoenh region match if all I see are the Regi team rocking unsuspecting players.

Write a story using all the regions. Restart and use the region's Pokémon in all official battles, such as gym battles, the Elite Four, and any Pokémon-theme side game of the region. Sure, Team Plasma just got rocked by your Level 100 Charizard, but your Infurnape now has no EVs and is easy pickings for the Fighting gym. Trainers won't pay out unless it's a region-based Pokémon. You can think of something, I don't need to do all the work for you.

So again, I hope that you will take what I have typed into consider- OMG GEN SIX IS OUT MUST HAVE 3DS


IRL EXP: Challenge Declined

Hmmm. I really want to explore something serious, but now I feel like I should insert funny meme-like sayings. (Not sure if I should be serious, or be funny.) Oops, too late!

The other night, I was playing Borderlands 1. Internet was just put onto the PS3, but security is so tight that the PSN store freezes. No biggie, let's see if online play works. Huh, no online games, but I can start one. (Forever Alone) Let's be a Berserker! Level 1, out the door and... Hey! Someone wants to play! It's a level 69 Siren... (Bad Luck Brian) Well, sweet, but now all the monsters are insanely difficult. Wait! A level 1 Soldier joined! (Success Kid) And another 69 hunter. Eh. I'll take what I can get.

Alright, so let's start... Um, no, I don't want to duel. You're ridiculously overpowered. Let's shoot those bad guys over... Oh, they're dead already. Well, how about... Nope, they're dead now. Well, the level 1 guy is with me, at least! And off he goes, trolling into the sunset. But we need that car... Oh, hey guy! You dropped your level 69 extremely rare weapon! You dropped three of them, in fact. Didn't you want them? Oh, you want me to have them? But that would break the game for me... (Socially Awkward Penguin) Okay, I guess.

Well, it's been fun, watching all of you one-shot everything and watching that one guy do things totally not helpful in any way. But I'm going now, since this really isn't fun anymore. I have no proficiency in my weapons as a 12 Berserker, and I gained those levels in an hour. Most of that was travel. So later! Don't call us; We'll call you. (Abandon Thread)

Normally, I wouldn't object to power-leveling. But everything is still new to me, and I want to get a handle on how everything works. So lesson learned: I will have to stay offline if I want to learn a game. Unless it's designed for online, like LoL. I'm so bad at that game, it's funny. But another story for another time.