IRL FAIL: Music Theory

Nicole: "So, why can't you keep up a conversation with me?"

Well, I'm concentrating on doing the dishes while you walk around the house cleaning randomly. At the same time, we have noise from the other apartments and your music playing, adding to my concentration difficulties of talking to you.

"Can't you just tune out to the music, like me?"

Well, no, not really. I really don't like this type of music. I usually like rock.

"How could you tune out with your music? I really don't like your nerdy music at all. Even the rock music gives me a headache."

Think of it this way. You like your music because you're familiar with it. Such as this current song; I don't know who sings it, but I can tell that it sounds like a random 'I love my man' song by a random teen to twenty-something female singer. That kind of song is one you are comfortable with, so you can just tune out with it and work to the beat. I, however, am not accustomed to it, so I cannot tune it out. I listen to the song because it stands out to me.


Try it this way. Let's say you listen to Victorian music and I listen to Tribal music. You could not stand my music because it's so different. I could not stand your music as well, yet we each love our own music because we are used to it. Tracking?

"I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. :)"


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