IRL EXP: New Game+

My wife has noticed that I have been depressed as of late. I have felt it, yet don't know why I feel like that.

I just came back from a graduation party (Go Marty!) where we had a conversation about youth today. So much potential, so much ability, and yet no drive to do anything. After High School, they just get a job and stay there.

Maybe that's what I lack. Drive. A new quest to embark on. It may be a tad bit harder to start a new quest, since I have a family to take care of. The military kinda puts a kibosh on most things I can do as well. So what can I do to give myself drive, while keeping my obligations to my family and country?

Hmmm. No wonder I'm depressed.


IRL EXP: The Tables Have Turned

Rewind to a younger time. 1990's or so seems good.

I'm the oldest sibling out of six children. (Oldest brother and at number 3 out of 12 if I include my "Adopted" family) So naturally, I'm used to my younger siblings wearing my clothes or playing with my old toys; the "hand-me-downs" of a family. I would, in turn, be the guinea pig of the bunch when new stuff came around. If it worked and outlived me, it gets passed down the line. If it didn't work, then the younger kids get a swing.

Fast-forward a few years to today.

I go visit my loving younger brother (2 out of six, and 5 out of 12) and visit with him. I feel bad, because he gives me stuff I can't buy: A computer he isn't using, a DS and a few games, spare change to get this really cool game that he owned once. Just today, we talked about Pokémon Gen VI and how I needed to buy a 3DS just to play it. My brother looks at me and says, "I can give you my 3DS to use; After I buy the 3DS XL, that is." I shouted a profanity at him and a thank you immediately afterwards.

Then we realize: His computer, his old DS, and now his 3DS... I, the eldest, have now started receiving hand-me-downs! He smiles in delight as I ponder these newfound feelings. Not very good feelings, by the way. I asked if this is how it feels to get used stuff from me. "Eh, give or take, yeah."

My children will get their own toys and clothes as they grow up.


Nuzlocke and You: Johto and my empty Pokéheart

My first death in this run (Yeah, THIS run, #12 in HeartGold alone.) was my Raticate. Ecruteak City's Gym decided to not hold back. A Mean Look and Curse took her, my lovely... Oh, wow. I can't even remember her name. Did she matter that much to me?

My next two deaths were my Dratini "Desy"(Casino, a long time to win) and my Golbat "Seras"(I almost had her completely happy). Morty's Gengar took them quickly with Shadow Ball. I wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared. My highest was Seras at Lvl.22, and his Lvl.25 Gengar was much faster. My Croconaw, "Killer", took it on and won by mere health points. So now... I don't know. Three in one place, that's a big deal.

Jean. That was her name. I named her after an old friend. Yeah, she was a Lvl.3 Ratata when I found her, but she almost killed my starter. I named her Jean because the real one always kicked my ass all the time. And now, I feel really hurt. The real life Jean is fine, thankfully. But what if this was the real Jean? I could have saved her, had I just payed attention.

So now, we move on. I will look for more to help me in my quest. I need something to cheer me up. Oh look, my chubby baby boy! Yay!