Nuzlocke and You: Johto and my empty Pokéheart

My first death in this run (Yeah, THIS run, #12 in HeartGold alone.) was my Raticate. Ecruteak City's Gym decided to not hold back. A Mean Look and Curse took her, my lovely... Oh, wow. I can't even remember her name. Did she matter that much to me?

My next two deaths were my Dratini "Desy"(Casino, a long time to win) and my Golbat "Seras"(I almost had her completely happy). Morty's Gengar took them quickly with Shadow Ball. I wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared. My highest was Seras at Lvl.22, and his Lvl.25 Gengar was much faster. My Croconaw, "Killer", took it on and won by mere health points. So now... I don't know. Three in one place, that's a big deal.

Jean. That was her name. I named her after an old friend. Yeah, she was a Lvl.3 Ratata when I found her, but she almost killed my starter. I named her Jean because the real one always kicked my ass all the time. And now, I feel really hurt. The real life Jean is fine, thankfully. But what if this was the real Jean? I could have saved her, had I just payed attention.

So now, we move on. I will look for more to help me in my quest. I need something to cheer me up. Oh look, my chubby baby boy! Yay!

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