Still Not Dead Pt. 3: I have no BRAAAAAIIIINNNSSSS

Things got busy.

"How so?", I pretend you saying to your computer screen.


I stopped doing Truancy reports for my school. It was draining my free time, time spent with family AND my sleep time. Throw on a report that makes people look bad, and Drama Ensues. Check please, thank you and I've never felt better.

I switched to Pokémon Y. No Nuzlockes, I just want to play for fun. I am having fun, sorta. Need to figure out my team comp for my first Elite 4 run, but that's it.

My son is waking up in the night multiple times. Why, I don't know, but he does. My only qualm with him so far, other than him puking all over my face the other day. I'm still too upset with myself to explain it.

I am in charge of a dance class, a policy council, a fantasy football pick'em league, and am learning to budget my time much more than before. I still don't have enough time for myself, but I get more time for family, so it's all good.

College sux. That is all.

League of Legends is approaching Season 4, and I STILL haven't entered Ranked yet. Oh well, Season 4 will probably reset the boards, so I'll try then. MAYBE.

I am playing Magic:The Gathering. I use old and new Slivers, so I'm having fun watching people's faces as I use old cards and wreck decks. Still not a perfect deck, and no-where near Standard... Yet. When WotC prints a new Queen, then we'll talk money.

And that's all I'm sharing today. Cheers.

Nuzlocke 13: A Spider with Six Legs?

A quick post, since I just noticed my last post never went up properly when it should have. This really happened in game, and it's moments like this that make Nuzlockes totally worth it.