IRL EXP: I Hit a Deer and It Was 'K.

Exhaustion takes it's toll on people in different ways. Many feel sluggish and worn down. Others feel like they just hit "E" on their energy and need to rest there and now. Me? A cop could have pulled me over, gave me a breathalyzer and hesitantly let me go; I was riding those last bits of energy and bouncing off the walls.

My daughter had just finished her first dance recital (I'm so proud... *sniff*) and I had to pack up. Just because everyone else goes home didn't mean I could. So after an additional twenty minutes, everything is ready to go; dancing equipment, dance floor, and my dancing coworkers.

But just because I'm buzzing like a bee doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. Not even five miles from the recital, a doe (A deer, a Female deer.) decides to walk onto the road. I see this deer and slow down. I mean, she's a good 40 or so feet away. I see the vehicle behind me is at a safe distance. I look at my dashboard and we're at 30 mph. She's still walking in front of me. Don't you see the really bright lights coming at you? Look to your right, you ridiculous hunk of meat! LOOK RIGHT!

At ten miles per hour, I slap a deer with the front of my 2007 Chrysler SUV. I watched in awe as the doe rolled over, stood back up, and limped quickly into the bushes. Well, time to call the police.

Weird thing here. I had thought that if you hit a deer, the call center send an officer to you for a report. Turns out I may be wrong or gullible. The lady on the other end said the nearest officer was thirty minutes away. If I wished and if there was no damage, I could just not file a report. You know, despite the fact that I may have just doomed a living creature to a slow, painful death.

Taking a look at the front of my vehicle, all I had was hair. Deer fur everywhere. No blood, no cracks, no dents. So I took the nice lady's advice and drove home.

Now thinking about it, I should have just sat there and waited. I feel a little guilty for not doing so, especially since I'm, like, Lawful Stupid at most points of my life. Chances are my insurance company is fine with my decision, since they really don't like me right now. Or ever. But those events are different stories for a different time.


IRL EXP: Increased Difficulty

Babies are hard work. (HA HA, of course they are, let's laugh at the n00b and point for a bit) I'm a bit out of shape on the whole "New Dad" thing. I have two girls already, so how hard can three kids be?

I forgot the fact that my daughters are nearly self-sufficient and don't need Daddy 24/7. (Nope, just once every two hours.) My son, Emerson (late announcement: I HAVE A SON NOW) is dependent on us for EVERYTHING. Eating, moving, breathing, hugs, everything. And I feel pretty awful for forgetting it.

For those who need that gaming analogy to understand (or for those who read this blog just for those analogies), here we go.

You're really good at your game of choice. Excellent doesn't cover your ability. You were made for this game. And now the developers have released a new difficulty for additional play-throughs. So you try it out for a "decent challenge" for once. You start up the game, and the items carry over from your last game. First enemy of the game, and you're ready for whatever this game will thro- GAME OVER.

Whoa, rewind. What just happened? You played this part before. Granted, a long time ago, but this party's a cake walk. Okay, restart, go in slowly and WHAT IS THIS FREAK DOING HERE? This thing is in the final levels. Why, in the name of chocolate bunnies (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Easter tie-in.), is this level 50 nightmare walking with this level 0 minion? So now that you know the game is evil, you do what everyone else does: search the Internet for a walkthrough.

"Patch 3.1.034: This is the update that introduces Hard-Core mode! You will be allowed to restart the game, carrying everything over from your last save. However, this mode also carries over all obstacles, enemies and bosses as well. In order to keep you on your toes, enemies will spawn randomly over the course of the game, in addition to regularly encountered enemies and bosses. Also, Herobrine has been removed."

WELL. That would be a horrible game mode indeed. Not as bad as Dark Souls, but pretty bad. That would be like how I feel right now. I was expecting something totally different and now have to level grind all over while dealing with monstrosities that will OHKO me, given the chance. Do I deal with it? Yes. Do I like it? Well, yes. I'm a bit masochistic like that. That's kinda why I'm a gamer in the first place.

The challenge is there, and like a bad rage face comic, I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. Life is hard, and hard games remind me to not give in when life throws me curve balls like this. Emerson is my son, and I will help raise him while raising Ellie and Autumn at the same time. It is my responsibility as a good parent to do so, and I plan on being a Great Parent. (I wanna be, the very best...)

P.S. If anyone knows a game like the one I described earlier, give me a shout. I like hard games.