Yeah. That daily thing didn't work out quite the way I wanted it too. Just because I'm near a computer 24/7 doesn't mean I can get on the internet. On top of that, I'm going on a manditory vacation for my Uncle Sam. Nothing big, just a few weeks. Will still put a damper in my accounts. So let's try once to twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays, if possible.

Next up, I have two EXP situations today: One happened last night while I was driving home; the other happened this morning before class.

I'm driving home from work, hating every song on the radio so far. I see blinking lights near a weight station so I slow down. Police might have someone, you know? As cool as it would be to hit a runner, I don't want to hit an officer of the law.

It wasn't the police. Just some dude in his truck with his emergency lights going off. I worry a bit, since there SHOULD be a cop around to help him. If there isn't one around, who will help him? *fanfare* I SHALL HELP YOU, CITIZEN!

Turns out the guy pulled over because of HIS radio. (ACURSED CURCUITRY!) He had a fancy new radio installed recently, but the demo mode on it kept going off. When it did, it flashed green, red, yellow and blue lights. If it didn't give him epilepsy, it did ruin his night-time vision, making it hard to look for deer. (See the last IRL EXP for more deer.)

I helped fix it for him. The radio told us to hold the DISP button to exit demo mode. (AN OBVIOUS WEAK SPOT!)He couldn't find it before, since the lights messed with his vision. After that, we went our seperate ways. (ALL IN A DAY'S WORK.)

Also, I just became a celebrity. There was a conference going on with some out-of-town high schoolers at my college. Being curious, I went to ask a group of girls what was going on. I was asked in return if I could have my picture taken with them. Turns out they were part of a hospital occupation conference. Definitely explains the scrubs that half the students were wearing. But since they took a picture of me, I wonder if they just wanted my soul or if I played too much Fatal Frame.