So, I had a nice philosophical post on my gamer credibility, but the damn thing is taking too long. This little item that happened the other day was so humorous (to me, at least) that I can't let it go. So, before I forget, I shall tell you of an exploit that made me feel like I was in a video game in real life.

  I was driving back to my little forested home from work. My rust bucket of a car (seriously) was the last in a convoy of vehicles coming off of a passing lane. The road narrowed down and in front of me was a couple on a motorcycle and an SUV. Not very interesting, right?

  Out of the nearby trees, a deer jumped onto the road! (A WILD DEERLING APPEARED) For some odd reason, it decided to pick a fight with the SUV. (DRIVER CAN'T ESCAPE! DEERLING USED HEADBUTT!) The vehicle swerved over the yellow line after the deer hit it, and the deer bounced off the asphalt into the grass. (IT WASN'T VERY EFFECTIVE... DRIVER GOT AWAY SAFELY!) This near-crash spooked the bikers ahead of me and myself. As I passed the deer, I could see that it would live, but would have a massive headache. (DEERLING IS CONFUSED!) Having been on the receiving end, I would have gladly tea-bagged this majestic animal. But now was not the time; I wanted to make sure the driver of the SUV was okay. I followed the vehicle as it pulled over at a restaurant.

  The driver was looking over his ride as I stepped out of mine. I asked him if he was alright, and he seemed fine. (Diplomacy check: Success) His only concern was if the huge dent in his passenger side door would pop out easy. I had told him to call the police, so they could do a report on his wildlife drive-by. Having a report would allow him to have his insurance take care of his repairs. (Knowledge[Previous Experience] check: Success) Looking them over with him, they did appear minor; passenger side door dented in around the door handle, poop stain on rear left passenger door, and rear bumper slightly ajar. (Appraisal check: Success) He was very glad to have someone help him and I wished him a good day as I continued my drive home. (Quest Complete! Morally Ambiguous Points Earned!)

  And there you go. Most of my parenthesis are word-for-word what I thought while everything happened. Funny how most of what I experience in video games can be easily used in real life. I still need to figure out how to put pictures in here. Until next time!

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