Game Start!

   For my first blog entry, I really should explain what I want this blog to be, why I made it and such. I wish it was for the enlightenment of all humankind, or to have you laugh and enjoy yourselves. Hell, if it makes me money in the end, it's still just an added bonus. No, those are not the reasons for why I am making this blog.

   I am making this blog to vent about the world. Not about my problems with friends or family, though I guess I will forget that and post at least one event of such. I will stick to topics of everyday life, or items that I see fit to post on; random thoughts, as my page header states. I may not be appropraite all the time, but it will be my honest thought process.

   I don't wish to just vent to the world and make money off of this in the future. This is something I can look back on and see where I have been: What I thought, what I did, and what was going on around me because of it. For instance: I just realized that this program is in overwrite mode, which will overwrite anything I type if I do not push the Insert button. Hmm. See, that's what I want this to be about. I have learned something, and perhaps you have too. We shared this together, just now.

   To close, I wish any and all who read this a merry journey into my inner thoughts. It's not something I'm really confortable doing, but I feel that it is necessary for me to grow. Feel free to comment or complain, as conversation of opposing views often bring about new ideas.

   P.S. New discovery! This program also does not automaticly indent paragraphs. Nor does the tab button function properly, forcing me to use my ancient lessons in HTML. Yay, knowledge!

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