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   I have an awesome job. Not a lot wrong with it at all. I watch over children to make sure they have a decent environment to learn and play. It may get boring every now and then when no children show up, but you do what you can. It may get upsetting when the children don't feel like learning, or don't wish to play fair. Kids will be kids, insert witty proverb here. The biggest problem with my job? I might not have one soon.

   I live off of a grant, set in a four year cycle. After time is up, someone needs to reapply for the same grant, a different grant or get a new job. I have been informed that my superiors have already done option 1 and 2 already. There is, figuratively, only fumes left in our piggy bank/gas tank and then we are on our own, literally. I should have an income until October, if math was done properly.

   This little... Well, I really can't say little. I mean, this is huge. I provide for my family. I may not make a bunch of cash, but we live off of that cash. And while I like my job, it hasn't helped me grow at all. I can't go off and go pro, start my own business and such. I will have to take what little experience I have to acquire another job in the rat race of life. I've done the horrible jobs before, and landed myself with a pretty spanking good job. Problem was, I didn't really take advantage of it. Now that it's looking to be too late, I have to go and get a real job. One where my coworkers will be nice to me when I'm around, if I'm lucky. A job where I get promised overtime and have it swiftly taken because they are tightwads. A job where I could almost enjoy what I do until I have to deal with the customers or my upper management.

   Even worse, both the customers AND upper management at the same time. Brrr.

   Okay, my drama bag is running low, so I need to finish up here. Point is, I'm scared to start jumping from job to job again. That was hard enough by myself. Now, I have a family to take care of now. Things get done around here because of me. As if I didn't have enough pressure already. So I've decided that I want to stop having a job and finally have a career. Something where I can excel at, where my name would be synonymous with my position. As I make my venture back into the job market, I will keep my goal in mind. I will return to Academia and get a degree. One day, I will have my dream job.

   My dream job is where I make video games. It was, at one point, to be the President of the United States. Alas, another topic for another time. Anyway, I want to make video games; eventually making my own video game is a goal in life I want to accomplish. I've been dreaming of a game design for years that I was hoping someone would just eventually make for me instead. So, from today on, I want to make that dream come true. I will take horrible and time-consuming jobs so my family can survive. Whatever spare time I have will be divided between my family, and my future career.

And my bag is empty. Story time is over, people. Nothing to see here. Hmm. I wonder how one puts pictures into a blog. OOOOoooo, maybe that will be our next topic. Until then, grab your favorite drink and toast the night away. Cheers.

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