IRL EXP: Giving Headaches



This concept of IRL EXP posts used to revolve around VG concepts, and I've lost sight of that for a while. So let's start over. (Restart?)

In Life, you start out with just you and your family. As you get older, your acquaintances become larger. Once you have established a regular "Party", you stroll though Life with these people, changing out as needed.

Not the same thing when you create your own Family. You own these minions for the next 18+ years, and They Own You right back. Which works fine for me, as I enact my Master Plan to create a tiny Army of Gamers!

Ellie was hooked early, watching Dad play some Halo and Assassin's Creed. Autumn followed suit watching me play League of Legends. Both play Minecraft, Splatoon, and Pokemon now. They even like Pokemon cards, which I can use to teach them about Magic: The Gathering. (Thief and Barbarian Joined!)

Emerson has mobile games on lock. He loves the "Where's My Water" series, and has expressed interest in Pokemon, along with actual Physical Sports. 50/50 deal, I'll take it. (Fighter has Joined!)

Nicole, my beautiful wife, hates Video Games. Well, not really. She has a purist taste when it comes to Gaming. Zelda series, Mario Party, and nearly any Health/Fitness game. That last one "doesn't count", as it helps her, and mine "keep me on my lazy butt". Oh, if only you knew. (Cleric has Joined!)

What of the baby? Well, DUH. Let the poor dude learn to walk first. Can't go messing with his fine motor skills if they haven't developed yet, you know? However, I have seen that, like a certain Auntie of his, he has a knack for Music... (A Bard Approaches?!)


"Cory feels Homesick."

I do not.

"Cory thinks about Home."

Fuck off.

"Cory is thi-"


Whenever I'm home, my little demons run around the house for one reason or another. Nicole needs my help with chores, children, cleaning, or caring for herself. (She tries too hard, breaking/tiring herself out, and I nurse her back to health. Mainly because she thinks she can handle it herself.) So whenever I travel, I take the blessing of Silence and treasure it like the beautiful gem it is. (1-Player Game)

After a while, that gem is hard to deal with. The silence becomes deafening, to where I talk to myself to maintain sanity. (Oxymoron, Am I right? Probably not.) I see children cry and complain to their parental units, and I become jealous. I see a couple walk by, holding hands, and become sad to be away from my Lovie.

This day and age, I'm glad for Video Calls, but some days, even those just don't help. I've grown so use to the constant chaos that is my life. When I'm away, I feel Lonely. I just need to hug my kids. Have them depend on me for just a bit longer. I need to wash dishes, just to make things easier for my wife, who just had a bad day at work. Some days, I can't be there for them, and it slowly kills me inside.

Don't ever tell them that. As much as I miss everyone, I still have to make money. Them knowing would just make leaving harder. (You Earned 400 Gp! You became Homesick.) And Fuck these Earthbound references! That game messed with me, dude.


IRL EXP: Echoing Footsteps

I awake from this coma of inactivity to catch up with a gigantic post! That will later be my undoing! Whatever!


The Great Eternal Nap may bother me, but my place in this world doesn't. I love this ball of dirt we walk on. I love the green trees that surround my home. I adore the very fact that Mother Nature is right outside my door.

So it really bugs me when people, in general, treat this planet horribly. Strip mining, deforestation, acid rain, extinction... It's disgusting how we treat Earth. I am by no means an environmentalist, but I understand the importance of maintaining a clean house. So to those who are OCD about a clean living or working environment, please help the planet. For those who cannot or will not clean to safe their lives: You literally are killing yourselves slowly by not cleaning.


Flaws. You have them. I have them. Everything has something about them that would make it LESS than perfect. And that's okay.

I have one imperfection I'd like to address right now. My ability to make people happy.

"But that's not-" Yes, it is. "No, it's-" I'm telling you, it is. "You keep interrupt-" Moo.

My want to see people smile is a gift and a curse. What if people don't want to smile right now? What if I have to compromise myself or others to steal a grin from someone? I just want people to like me- to like everybody else in the world. To accomplish my goal, sometimes I have to do things I don't want to. So by making one person smile, I have several people scowling, creating more work for me.

It's something I want to work on. Through our flaws, we realize the kind of people we are. By accepting the fact that we are flawed, we can control them and/or find a way to minimize them. You shouldn't get rid of your faults, as they define who you are; they make you this person right now. Also, by ridding yourself of these quirks puts yourself at risk for acquiring new flaws.

We are not perfect. That's okay. If we were, what would be the point of friendship, or marriage? Sports? Politics?

You don't have to like your flaws. Just be aware that everyone, including yourself, has something less than perfect about them.


IRL EXP: Cars Don't Like Me; They Really, REALLY Don't Like Me

How many vehicular accidents can you say you outlived? Hopefully, a wise person said, "All of them," unless I have undead in the audience. Moving on; I have experienced nearly one really bad vehicular accident since I started driving. My insurance premiums should be horrible, were it not for the fact that most weren't my fault and the cars were totaled every time.

Cars, Cars, Cars... This blogging thing everyday is hard.

I guess it's not because I'm a bad driver; if anything, these accidents have made me a Cautious person. (Ha Ha! Faked you out!) I make sure to leave early, check the weather, take the main roads to avoid getting lost or stuck, plan for contingencies that only exist in my head, have a weapon nearby for car jackers, pack my emergency kit full of bandages...

You could call me a coward, but the difference is a coward doesn't do anything out of fear. I just plan until I don't feel afraid anymore. No one's gonna jack my car- but what about wild animals...

I'll mess a Doe up, but what if a Puma jumps my car? Or a Bear, or a Moose? An angry pack of Squirrels?

And now I'm back to planning- I should study local Rodent Gang Signs.

IRL EXP: Beauty is the Eye of a Needle

Like, what the hell people? What is with the concept of Beauty nowadays?
I have a thigh gap. My waist is the same size as an A7 piece of paper. I wear a full-body suit at the beach to stay pale.

Fuck you, you shallow pieces of wasted potential. People like you are brainwashed by media moguls for their fun and profit. By obeying the Neon God, you corrupt young minds, making them think they aren't good enough for scociety.

What's my vision of beauty? My wife, obviously, but not for the standard reasons. Hell yeah, I like the way she looks on a normal basis, but there are moments where she drives me wild. Moments were she's tired of kids and coworkers, where she's exhausted of dealing with the outside world, and fuck everything so I don't care what's for dinner. Where I can see pure fire in her eyes, from curiosity or anger, I doesn't matter; that moment is beautiful.

"But Cory," no one actually said but I pretend for narrative's sake, "What if they see their own suffering as Beautiful? Aren't you just being a dick by comparing your version of Beauty to everyone else's and demonizing those who disagree with you?"

I... Um... Hmm... Shut up. Your face is dumb.

I'd argue more, but I need to publish this damn thing before Midnight CST.

IRL EXP: Death is My Ending, and Your Beginning

The biggest fear I have is Death. Dying is fine; I understand that when I get older or hurt, I'm one step closer to the end. Should there be any kind of a Great Beyond, I will be okay. I'm worried about the possibility of there not being a Heaven or Hell. No Purgatory, no Valhalla, no Blessed Isles in the middle of the Underworld for Heroes. What would that be like?

Every time someone casually mentions death, I get a wave of terror over my entire body. I have to distract myself to keep me mentally in check. Concentrating on the subject leads my mind to dark places, literally: each brush with the Grim Reaper has left me unconscious for a good amount of time. This makes me wonder. What if that's all there is? Black, Nothingness, an empty Void of Darkness. It bothers me to the point of tears.

I'm not ready to call it quits just yet. There's so much going on in this world that I want to witness. All the advancement in Health and Technology, the Stories and Games being told, the challenges and obstacles being overcome and endured; most of all, I just want to know what happens after I die. An epilogue to this beautiful story I have created.


IRL EXP: Alive, for a Limited Time only!

Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? (As our days go by~)

A friend of mine (If this is you reading, What's Good?) has been doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for years. However, the creative tendencies that month starts are hard to put down, so he found more National 'Blank' Months to participate in. This past March was National Art Drawing Month (NaArtDraMo), and I wanted to join him for the next Na-something-Mo.

National Blog Writing Month (Na-Whatever-Mo) is for April, Which brings me back to this fossil. It's not that I don't like this blog, but I feel like I don't have the time to write in this every week, let alone every day. I have made the commitment to my friend, despite my time-management failures, because: A) He is a dear friend of mine, and B) I would like to do NaNoWriMo as well, and this could bring me closer confidence-wise to participating.

This month has additional conditions to it. First, Sundays are days-off (Groovy). Second, The blog posts must follow the simple theme of the Alphabet: A-Z topics: with A being Day One, B for Day Two, etc. Today's post is about April making this Blog "Alive" again. This thing comes back to life more times than Horror Movie Villians.

What will the rest of the posts be about? I don't know, honestly. Come back tomorrow and we'll find out together.


Still Not Dead Pt. 3: I have no BRAAAAAIIIINNNSSSS

Things got busy.

"How so?", I pretend you saying to your computer screen.


I stopped doing Truancy reports for my school. It was draining my free time, time spent with family AND my sleep time. Throw on a report that makes people look bad, and Drama Ensues. Check please, thank you and I've never felt better.

I switched to Pokémon Y. No Nuzlockes, I just want to play for fun. I am having fun, sorta. Need to figure out my team comp for my first Elite 4 run, but that's it.

My son is waking up in the night multiple times. Why, I don't know, but he does. My only qualm with him so far, other than him puking all over my face the other day. I'm still too upset with myself to explain it.

I am in charge of a dance class, a policy council, a fantasy football pick'em league, and am learning to budget my time much more than before. I still don't have enough time for myself, but I get more time for family, so it's all good.

College sux. That is all.

League of Legends is approaching Season 4, and I STILL haven't entered Ranked yet. Oh well, Season 4 will probably reset the boards, so I'll try then. MAYBE.

I am playing Magic:The Gathering. I use old and new Slivers, so I'm having fun watching people's faces as I use old cards and wreck decks. Still not a perfect deck, and no-where near Standard... Yet. When WotC prints a new Queen, then we'll talk money.

And that's all I'm sharing today. Cheers.