IRL EXP: Echoing Footsteps

I awake from this coma of inactivity to catch up with a gigantic post! That will later be my undoing! Whatever!


The Great Eternal Nap may bother me, but my place in this world doesn't. I love this ball of dirt we walk on. I love the green trees that surround my home. I adore the very fact that Mother Nature is right outside my door.

So it really bugs me when people, in general, treat this planet horribly. Strip mining, deforestation, acid rain, extinction... It's disgusting how we treat Earth. I am by no means an environmentalist, but I understand the importance of maintaining a clean house. So to those who are OCD about a clean living or working environment, please help the planet. For those who cannot or will not clean to safe their lives: You literally are killing yourselves slowly by not cleaning.


Flaws. You have them. I have them. Everything has something about them that would make it LESS than perfect. And that's okay.

I have one imperfection I'd like to address right now. My ability to make people happy.

"But that's not-" Yes, it is. "No, it's-" I'm telling you, it is. "You keep interrupt-" Moo.

My want to see people smile is a gift and a curse. What if people don't want to smile right now? What if I have to compromise myself or others to steal a grin from someone? I just want people to like me- to like everybody else in the world. To accomplish my goal, sometimes I have to do things I don't want to. So by making one person smile, I have several people scowling, creating more work for me.

It's something I want to work on. Through our flaws, we realize the kind of people we are. By accepting the fact that we are flawed, we can control them and/or find a way to minimize them. You shouldn't get rid of your faults, as they define who you are; they make you this person right now. Also, by ridding yourself of these quirks puts yourself at risk for acquiring new flaws.

We are not perfect. That's okay. If we were, what would be the point of friendship, or marriage? Sports? Politics?

You don't have to like your flaws. Just be aware that everyone, including yourself, has something less than perfect about them.

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