IRL EXP: Cars Don't Like Me; They Really, REALLY Don't Like Me

How many vehicular accidents can you say you outlived? Hopefully, a wise person said, "All of them," unless I have undead in the audience. Moving on; I have experienced nearly one really bad vehicular accident since I started driving. My insurance premiums should be horrible, were it not for the fact that most weren't my fault and the cars were totaled every time.

Cars, Cars, Cars... This blogging thing everyday is hard.

I guess it's not because I'm a bad driver; if anything, these accidents have made me a Cautious person. (Ha Ha! Faked you out!) I make sure to leave early, check the weather, take the main roads to avoid getting lost or stuck, plan for contingencies that only exist in my head, have a weapon nearby for car jackers, pack my emergency kit full of bandages...

You could call me a coward, but the difference is a coward doesn't do anything out of fear. I just plan until I don't feel afraid anymore. No one's gonna jack my car- but what about wild animals...

I'll mess a Doe up, but what if a Puma jumps my car? Or a Bear, or a Moose? An angry pack of Squirrels?

And now I'm back to planning- I should study local Rodent Gang Signs.

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