IRL EXP: Beauty is the Eye of a Needle

Like, what the hell people? What is with the concept of Beauty nowadays?
I have a thigh gap. My waist is the same size as an A7 piece of paper. I wear a full-body suit at the beach to stay pale.

Fuck you, you shallow pieces of wasted potential. People like you are brainwashed by media moguls for their fun and profit. By obeying the Neon God, you corrupt young minds, making them think they aren't good enough for scociety.

What's my vision of beauty? My wife, obviously, but not for the standard reasons. Hell yeah, I like the way she looks on a normal basis, but there are moments where she drives me wild. Moments were she's tired of kids and coworkers, where she's exhausted of dealing with the outside world, and fuck everything so I don't care what's for dinner. Where I can see pure fire in her eyes, from curiosity or anger, I doesn't matter; that moment is beautiful.

"But Cory," no one actually said but I pretend for narrative's sake, "What if they see their own suffering as Beautiful? Aren't you just being a dick by comparing your version of Beauty to everyone else's and demonizing those who disagree with you?"

I... Um... Hmm... Shut up. Your face is dumb.

I'd argue more, but I need to publish this damn thing before Midnight CST.

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