IRL EXP: Death is My Ending, and Your Beginning

The biggest fear I have is Death. Dying is fine; I understand that when I get older or hurt, I'm one step closer to the end. Should there be any kind of a Great Beyond, I will be okay. I'm worried about the possibility of there not being a Heaven or Hell. No Purgatory, no Valhalla, no Blessed Isles in the middle of the Underworld for Heroes. What would that be like?

Every time someone casually mentions death, I get a wave of terror over my entire body. I have to distract myself to keep me mentally in check. Concentrating on the subject leads my mind to dark places, literally: each brush with the Grim Reaper has left me unconscious for a good amount of time. This makes me wonder. What if that's all there is? Black, Nothingness, an empty Void of Darkness. It bothers me to the point of tears.

I'm not ready to call it quits just yet. There's so much going on in this world that I want to witness. All the advancement in Health and Technology, the Stories and Games being told, the challenges and obstacles being overcome and endured; most of all, I just want to know what happens after I die. An epilogue to this beautiful story I have created.

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