I'm Not Dead

Yeah.Work. College. Children. The addition of a future child. Games. Ponies. I could give you a slew of reasons why I haven't updated, but they all sound like excuses when I type it out. And as others have told me, an excuse is effective at 0 meters. I might have messed that saying up, but ignore it for now; I'm on a roll.

I should come up with a schedule. A weekly or daily thing. Maybe bi-weekly or tri-monthly. No, that last one makes no sense. And really, this isn't just for you to read. I've been so caught up with doing things that I forgot to sit down and think about what I've done. So I will try for a daily schedule for now. See where that gets me. I will likely suffer a mental breakdown trying to think of nonsense to share with the world and my future self. But if LuLz are involved, then I say, "Onward!"

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