I like Rammus. This guy was the second champion I've ever played. (Sona was first) He's like a tiny little tank of "F You, I do what I want". Want to shoot him in the face? Nope, hit W to kill Miss Fortune in the middle of her Ult. Karthus is chanting? Hit E to stop him and save team. Tristana is getting away? Q around minions and get the kill. My favorite part is that his Ult can hit towers. Now with season 3, all I need is teleport, Omhwrecker, and a Warmog's; now I can eat towers in seconds.

So now, I have to wonder, just what else can he do? Maybe I could go At-Mog's with him. Perhaps put on some attack speed and freak people out. Maybe even go AP with him. Imagine what his Q could do with it's flat +1 AP ratio and a Deathcap. It's a Troll build, definitely, but it would be fun to see if it works. I mean, I just ran a Support Rammus for Ezreal and we destroyed bottom lane. So a Liandry's would work perfectly in that role, taking out 10% health with every Successful Q. Quickly E the target and wait for Ez to kill it; boom, dead enemy, next please.

While this is all fun to speculate, I really won't try any of this outside of bots until: (A) I know that it works REALLY well, and (B) Free Ezreal/Talon week is over. I mean, you guys are really squishy. When I leave the lane to re-up health and mana, you should come with. Seriously. Oh, new match! Rammus, I choose you!

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