IRL EXP: My Gaming Family

This little blog is based on a quick thought I had.

If I were to divide my family into character classes, this is what we would be.

Me: I would class myself as a thief. I like to bounce around, climb walls, while I. shoot and stab things. If you doubt my skills, then check me out bouncing around my children as they run around trying to avoid me. The stabbing comes from my love of sharp objects. Shooting comes from my love of arcade games like "Time Crisis" and "House of the Dead".

Nicole: If we were to go with the 4th Edition D&D, Warlord. Easy. If we were traditionalist, we would go with Wizard. She gets things done.

Ellie: She's a cleric, since she cares so much about family. Well, that and band-aids. We go through a box a month because of her alone.

Autumn: Barbarian. 'Nuf said.

Emerson: The tank of the family, a Fighter. You should see his little baby muscles.

Looking at this, I have a fairly standard adventuring party. Cool.

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