Gaming Update: Three's a PINKY PIE PARTY!

Did you know that there is a Back to the Future game? Oh, yeah, that NES one; I forgot. Well, did you know that they made a better one? And it's by the gang behind the Walking Dead game? If you did, just play along for the rest of the Internet.

Set right after Movie #3, Marty McFly must find out what happened to Doc Brown. Doc sent back Einstein the dog in the delorian (which I remember that thing becoming scrap metal after #3, so enter PLOT HOLES) and Marty receives a call for help on a tape recorder. The game already has multiple references to the movie series, so I already want to keep playing. But there are other games, so I gotta make like a tree and GET OUTTA HERE.

Go ahead and face palm. If you remember, you'll get a laugh. If you don't know what happened, you need to watch the series.

And speaking of a series, I have been playing the Dance Central series lately. Even got a pal who wants to achievement hunt with me. (SHOUT OUT TO MR. L!) If you think that you're fit, then you go a couple rounds on this and then talk to me. Even just half-A--ing it, the game will work you till you drop. Most of the songs are more adult-themed songs, and the DLC songs are ridiculously priced, but hey- I like the game, so I'll dance like a monkey for a few more bucks.

Besides, the games has a cool feature that wasn't advertised: I will load up a currently popular song for some kids that think "SWAG" and "YOLO" are desirable traits. The moment they try to show off their "SWAG" on, say, "Soulja Boy", all that "SWAG" can't save them and I get real dancers on the floor. I don't care if my biggest customers are 8 years old. They can bust some moves.

The last game I have for you kinda breaks my norm so far. Phase 10, a card game in which you need to acquire a certain set of cards 10 times before your opponents. It's like a harder version of Rummy. My wife and I try to get one game in before bed. We've gotten to the point where we breeze through the game in minutes. We still enjoy each others company, just like an old married couple should. "SKIP!" "F--- you, B---h." "Bite me, W---e. OW!" Don't worry, we'd rather fight over cards than anything else.

In case you were still waiting for the next chapters in my Dead Space play-through.... I finally discovered true fear. More on that around Wednesday.

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